Buzz Photos, located in North Texas, is striving to be the best name in School and Youth Sports Photography. Personalized service, fast turn-around time, and a deep, strong desire to provide the very best possible quality, sets us apart from our competitors. We are not a franchise, which means close personal realationship with our customers. We offer an outstanding line of products to help share the wonderful memories with family and friends. We provide well-trained on-site Photographers who travel to you Schools or Sporting events. Our goal on “Picture Day” is to make it a joyful, hassle free event. We can photograph over 2,000 children in a single day and leave you wondering how it was completed so smoothly. In addition, Buzz Photos does all the scheduling and photo delivery. Our goal is to take all the photo work off the mind of the league commissioners so they can devote their time where it is needed the most, with the kids. Overseeing photography can be a huge undertaking but we try to take away that burden. All photos are individually packaged for each child or each player and separated by team, group, or class, etc… We offer action shots to leagues and post them online for parents to order. Custom cropping, beautiful trading card design, magazine covers and many other items are available through this process.

Contact Information

2414 W University, Suite 115d, McKinney, TX 75071
Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

email: [email protected]

Sports Phone Number: (972) 548-7670
Production Phone Number: (972) 548-8500

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